The 250 Series Electric Bike Kit and the 500 Series Electric Bike Kit are customized and include everything you need to convert your old bicycle into a quality electric bike with a simple installation process. With that said, there are extra components that you may need to complete your conversion. Leeds offers a full line-up of e-bike parts and accessories to complete your electric bike conversion, make your ride safer, and improve the performance and life of your li-ion battery system. Purchasing each part individually also allows you to complete a DIY project or replace a part on your original e-bike system.

Get Moving
To get you started, we carry efficient, hard-working, and durable 8FUN motors. These 250 Watt and 500 Watt motors can be front or rear-mounted depending on your preference. As the industry standard for e-bike conversion kits, 8FUN produces motors known for their durability and performance. These motors are rugged, weather-proof, and provide the necessary torque and more for transforming your bike. While they’re highly regarded for their low maintenance requirements, these motors are still covered by our comprehensive 2-year warranty, though you can expect your 8FUN motor to outlast your bike or any other vehicle in your garage.

Essential Components and More
From the torque washers and axle release pro systems to cable sets, and chargers, we’ve made it easy for you to get the products you need in order to keep your electric bike kit efficient and well-maintained. In addition to these great e-bike accessories and parts, we also carry state-of-the-art e-bike computers that can accurately track your speed, distance, and more. For your convenience, we stock the Specialized Speedzone Sport Computer (250 Series) and the KM-SS LCD Computer (500 Series), an advanced, high-powered option for the 500 Series system.

If you have any questions about our e-bike parts and accessories, or for guidance with installation, we invite you to contact us, visit our e-bike FAQ, or visit our blog Leeds Bicyclology. Learn more about li-on battery info, wheel sizing, installation support, and great electric bike content to get you motivated and moving today!

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