Electric Bike Benefits

Why are so many people around the world making the shift from manual bicycles to electric bikes? Benefits, and lots of them. Saving money, riding a bike like you used to, and getting healthier are all a part of the e-bike lifestyle. An e-bike offers all the health benefits of your standard bicycle plus a big boost when those big hills come along.

But why spend thousands of dollars on a brand new electric bicycle? With Leeds e-bike kits, you don't have to. Just one of our kits and a few small adjustments to your manual bike are all you need to reap those amazing e-bike benefits.


Customized and Simplified

At Leeds, we offer bicyclists the opportunity to transform their manual bikes of all types and styles into lithium-powered electric bikes. Our 250 and 500 Watt conversion systems are compatible with nearly any bicycle and tricycle model. We can customize our kits to suit your bike or trike, too, from the size of the wheel to the color of the rim. And if you're in a hurry, there's no need to worry. The e-bike kits are easy and quick to install - you can be ready to ride in as little as five minutes.

Happier and Healthier

A study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that the health benefits of electric bikes are just as great as those of manual bikes. However, the study also found that e-bike riders were happier and enjoyed the time on their bikes far more! This study showed that people who ride e-bikes end up spending much more time on their bikes simply because they fell in love with bicycling again! With e-bikes, you can keep your health up while enjoying yourself - so what are you waiting for?


The downside of buying a quality electric bike is the high cost. An e-bike from a well-known bicycle dealer costs thousands of dollars. The fact is bicycle components that come with electric bikes are the same quality components found on your bicycle and many others.

What is the solution? Add an electric bike conversion kit to your own bike and save thousands of dollars. Your bike is already designed within the realm of 250-500 Watts. This means you can use your bike to convert to electric with an e-bike kit. This simple conversion allows you to take advantage of electric bikes' benefits while saving you money on purchasing a completely new bicycle.

Still want a new bike? If you still want a new electric bike, then you can buy a brand new bicycle of your choice and convert it to electric instead of buying an expensive e-bike. This will still result in a high-quality electric bike without having to spend thousands of dollars. And no one will know your bike is electric because it won't look like a funny electric bike.

What about the electric bike components? Leeds 8FUN motors are the same motors found in some of the most expensive e-bikes and our batteries are powered by Samsung and Panasonic. These are the exact same brands found in the most expensive electric bikes! You can keep your conversion simple with a 250 Series Kit or go all out for the bells and whistles with the 500 Series Kit.