E-Bike Accessories

While all of our electric bike conversion kits carry the essential batteries and motors you need to get your bike powered up, we understand that there’s more to e-bikes than just batteries and motors. Every cyclist has different needs and goals for their perfect ride, so that’s why we carry a wide range of e-bike accessories, e-bike upgrades, and bike rear carrier bags to keep you moving.

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E-Bike Accessories to Add a Personal Touch to Your Ride

Our Leeds electric bike kits come complete with everything you need to convert your bicycle into the ultimate electric bike; however, dedicated cyclists often require customizations and e-bike upgrades in order to protect their gear and take their ride to the next level.

Every cyclist has their own needs for that perfect ride, which is why we carry a wide selection of e-bike accessories and e-bike upgrades for our famous electric eco bikes, e-bike kits, or ultra-convenient adult electric scooters. From battery bags to lights and pedal adjustments, we have everything you need to make your ride that much easier.

Battery Bags

When you’re on the go, you need to be sure that your battery will last and that you have a spare ready to avoid roadside calamity. At Leeds Bikes, we offer several different kinds of battery bags to meet your needs, including battery frame bags, handlebar bags, and bike rear carrier bags. Battery bags help to protect the battery from water, dirt, and sunlight while also providing extra carrying space for additional battery parts.

  • Frame Bags: Frame bags allow the battery to rest against the fabric without rubbing or bumping against the bicycle frame. They’re a great, out-of-the-way solution for most cycling situations. These bags are one of our bestselling e-bike accessories and a good choice if you’re not sure which kind of bag to pick.
  • Handlebar Bags, Seat Bags, and Bike Rear Carrier Bags: These bags provide extra battery protection and help to properly balance heavier battery systems like the Ultra 250 Series and Ultra+ 250 Series.

Other E-Bike Upgrades

Whether you simply need help organizing your cables or need full-weather protection for your bike battery, our extensive selection of e-bike accessories is sure to have what you’re looking for.

We take pride in our complete range of accessories, and our expert knowledge and insight. If you have any questions about installation, maintenance, warranty information, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.