Mid-Drive Series Electric Bike Kits

Ready to take your bike rides up a notch? Our mid-drive e-bike kits at Leeds Bikes are designed to make it happen. With these electric bike kits, you can easily convert your traditional bike to an electric bike, which will make your future biking trips more efficient and eco-friendly. Start riding more quickly and easily in no time!


When compared with a motor that is rear mounted, the mid-drive e-bike motor in our mid-drive electric bike kits with a battery has much more power. It is also simpler to install—a major plus when you’re eager to hit the biking trails. Our mid-drive motor also stands out for weighing less, which reduces pressure on your bike more.

With our mid-drive e-bike kits, you can effortlessly reach your desired top speeds and ride in your bike’s highest gear continuously—perfect if you have a need for speed. You can also save money by eliminating the need for gas, reducing your bike commute times, and arriving at your destination dry—no sweat.

Order Your Mid-Drive Electric Bike Kits with a Battery Now

At Leeds Bikes, we are excited to offer a wide variety of electric bicycle kits and e-bikes. We have also earned a reputation for offering top-of-the-line bike accessories and e-scooters.

Get in touch with us at (866) 933-8716 to learn more about our e-bike kits and other electric bike parts. Feel free to also message us via our online chat feature if you have any questions about our mid-drive e-bike kits.

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