E-Bike Kit Main Cabling System | 500 Series



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An essential piece of any electric bike conversion is the cabling system. Cables connect everything including battery packs, motors, wheels, and more together. To get the best performance, you need reliable cables. At Leeds Electric Bike we offer e-bike kit cables that take care of all your needs and allow for a smooth and easy conversion so you can spend less time working on your bike and more time riding it.

Avoid Cable Tangling

If not installed thoughtfully, they can tangle on your bike and hinder performance, or even create a safety hazard. But with the e-bike kit cables from Leeds Electric Bike, you’ll be able to get a clean look without having to worry about functionality. Designed for the 500 Series electric bike kit, these cables are 5.5 feet long so you’ll have plenty of length to attach any component on your bike.

Create a Custom Cable Configuration

With these e-bike kit cables you’ll be able to attach your ebike conversion kit in any configuration you want. Whether you need a connection from the handlebars to the front wheel or down the entire length of your bike, you’ll be able to easily attach pieces and have them securely connected with these high quality cables. Check out our collection of accessories for other ways to customize your ride, and contact us with any questions.

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