500 Series Electric Bike Kits

The 500 Series electric bike kit was introduced as a result of our customers requesting an off-road electric bike kit that provided more hill-climbing power for the steepest of hills and heavier loads. Delivering 36 volts with a top unassisted speed of 19 mph, Leeds Bikes500 watt electric bike conversion kits are perfect for heavier riders, fat bikes, trikes, tandems, and more! Conquer every hill and bike fearlessly with the 500 Series!

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Why Choose Our 500w Bike Conversion Kit?

Compared to our original 250 Series electric bike kits—the kits that made us famous—these 500 watt electric bike kits are perfect for:

  • Routes With Lots of Hills
  • Heavy Cargo Loads
  • Bigger Riders
  • Wide Bicycle Frames
  • Trikes and Tandems

Requiring about 45 minutes of installation time, these off-road electric bike kits are easy-to-install with basic tools and require no advanced technical skills.

Discover the Benefits of a 500w Bike Conversion Kit

With an eco-friendly electric bike or bike kit, no hill is too steep or commute too long. Perfect for people who have an injury, disability, or fitness issue that prevents them from riding a manual bicycle or riding long distances, the 500 Series can help you rediscover the outdoors.

The powerful motor on these 500 watt electric bike kits can help handle the entire ride for you so you don’t have to work up a sweat, or you can pedal entirely on your own using the motor only when you need an extra boost.

Our conversion kits are fully customizable, so you can get a kit that perfectly matches your bike’s requirements. Need help ordering? Contact our customer service team any time for personalized attention. We’re here for you!