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IMPORTANT: Battery and Cables not included – this is a complete wheel and motor only.

E-bikes allow riders to pedal on their own or utilize the motor to assist, but having the proper electric bike wheel is essential. At Leeds Bikes, we help put the wheels in motion by custom-building each rear or front wheel e-bike kit to fit your unique specifications.

With our e-bike kits and electric bike parts, you get the highest-quality, reliable, and long-lasting components, and they all come with substantial savings.

For most bikes, we recommend that you choose the complete front wheel, which replaces the front wheel on your bike. However, if you have a trike, recumbent, or folding bike, or you simply prefer the rear wheel design, you can opt for a complete rear wheel in our pull-down menu.

The electric bike wheel comes with our amazing two-year, worry-free warranty!


The Benefits of Our E-Bike Kit Front Wheel or Rear Wheel

This powerful electric bike wheel comes laced and trued by our bike building specialists, and it features an integrated 250W 8FUN brushless hub motor, a truly powerful and reliable e-bike motor.

The brushless hub is a design that allows for zero resistance when the motor is not engaged. This means you can pedal and ride freely with or without the motor in use! Get the exercise you need on your electric bike, or engage the motor and get some assistance when you grow tired or need to climb a hill.


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Leeds Bikes carries the highest-quality electric bike parts that transform your bike into a powerhouse ride capable of getting you over the most challenging hills while you sit back and enjoy the scenery. We also supply a wide range of e-bikes for sale if you opt not to transform your current manually operated bicycle.

The reviews are in, and they confirm that our top-of-the-line products are outstanding, so get outdoors, get healthy and exercise! Our customer service department is here to answer any questions you may have regarding our electric bike wheel and all of our other products, so contact us and start shopping today!

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