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E-Bike Controller for Your 250 Series Build

Known as the “magic box” in your electric bike, the e-bike controller is an important component that regulates the electric current going from your 24 volt battery to your motor. It does this by using the two controller battery wires to convert the regular 24V DC electricity coming out of the battery into “pulse width modulated” 24v DC electricity, which then passes through the three motor power wires and finally powers the motor.

This is not an AC electrical current, but it has a very similar function. This is why many electric bike motors have three power wires connected to them, even though they are referred to as brushless DC motors. Simple DC electric motors only have two wires, but the third wire allows for the “pulse modulation” characteristic that makes our motors much more efficient.

Features of this E-Bike Kit Controller

Our e-bike controller is rated for 24v and a 7A current, and the max current is 15A. There is a low voltage shutoff at 20.5v. Please note that this controller is intended for use with our 250 Series E-Bike Kit.

The 24 volt 250 watt controller is pre-wired for simple on and off motor operation when it is plugged into the Grip Switch Cable set, which is sold separately.

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