Electric Bicycle Batteries

Leeds Bikes is a world leader in e-bike accessories and kits, and our powerful Li-ion batteries give you the fuel necessary to ride longer and faster, even if you choose not to pedal. Get free shipping throughout the continental U.S., and enjoy the confidence that comes with buying a brand-name Samsung electric bicycle battery.

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Find the Right Battery for Your e-Bike Kit

Explore a wide range of battery options, with up to 36 volts for your most demanding rides. Each of these batteries supports a minimum of 1,500 cycles, and some can last for 2,000 or more. Some will even support up to 50 miles of travel on a single charge.

Our batteries are lightweight and detach easily from your e-bike conversion kit. When you finish your ride, just remove the battery and place it in the charger (sold separately). When it’s time to begin your next ride, you’ll be ready to hit the road. As an added bonus, some batteries include a ballistic-grade nylon weather-proof cargo bag for convenient storage and transport.

We carry both 500 Series and 250 Series components, so be sure to browse batteries that are compatible with your kit.

Order an Electric Bicycle Battery From Leeds Bikes

Whether you’re building a DIY e-bike kit or just purchasing a replacement battery for an e-bike kit you already have, Leeds Bikes has the quality components you need. Each of our 250-watt and 500-watt Li-ion batteries comes with its own comprehensive 1-year warranty, so you can buy with total assurance.

We invite you to browse all of our e-bike and electric scooter batteries, and always feel free to contact our knowledgeable team if you need assistance. Order today, and experience more power with less effort.