Controller & Plug 36 Volts | 500 Series



Controller & Plug 36 Volts | 500 Series

The Leeds 36v e-bike controller is the “brain” of your e-bike 500 Series kit. It is connected to all the other electronic parts such as the brushless motor, battery, pedal assist and thumb throttle. Basically, regular 36 volts DC electricity goes into the e-bike controller and is then converted into “pulse width modulated” 46 volts DC electricity to power the brushless hub motor. The pulse modulation is split up over three motor power wires to ensure higher motor efficiency.


To ensure simple on/off e-bike motor operation when plugged into the e-bike 500 Series pedal assist and thumb throttle, the 36v e-bike controller comes pre-wired. That means fitting the propulsion or throttle system and other e-bike components like batteries, motor and LCD to the controller is easy.

The 500 Series Leeds controller & plug is critical in:

  • Efficiently controlling the e-bike motor
  • Keeping the current drawn from the battery at a certain level
  • Ensuring the battery is not fully drained
  • Modifying the voltage and current levels based on temperature measurements
  • Avoiding overheating issues

Small and Affordable

At Leeds Electric Bike, we bring you a solid and reliable 36v e-bike controller for the 500 Series that you can count on. Use it as a plug-in replacement for the 500 Series kit or use it for the 500 Series brushless motor. The controller is small and affordable.

Get the efficient 500 Series e-bike controller & plug kit at our website. The thumb throttle is sold separately. Make your order and enjoy great quality e-bike components and accessories at great prices today!

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