500w Series E-Bike Batteries

Love your e-bike but need it to travel further? The good news is that you don’t have to purchase an entirely new e-bike kit to get more power. All you have to do to make your 500 series e-bike go the extra mile is to purchase a quality 500w e-bike battery!

We offer batteries from top brands that are known for their strength, durability, and reliability! Buy a new battery for your kit to increase your e-bike kit distance or just to have a backup!

Get More From Your Ride

We here at Leeds Bikes understand how frustrating it can be for your bike to run out of power, especially if you are relying on eco bikes to help you commute to your place of employment or even to run a couple of errands throughout the day. That said, power is never something that should prevent you from getting the most out of your bike. This is where our 500 watt battery options come into play!

Our 500 series Li-ion batteries for 500 series electric bike kits provide you with the superior quality you need to power your e-bike for whatever biking adventure may lie ahead. Each 500w e-bike battery is backed by a powerful warranty from only the most respected brands in the industry.

Find the Perfect Battery for Your Set-Up

PLEASE NOTE: The 500 watt battery (for the 500 series) and 250 Series E-Bike Batteries ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the other bike kits. Leeds battery systems are only compatible with other parts from the same series (you’ll find both 500 series and 250 series on our website). For example, our 500w e-bike battery choices will only be compatible with our 500-watt electric bike conversion kits.

If you want to know more about these specific products and whether or not they’re compatible with your e-bike, please reach out to our customer service team!

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    11 Ah Samsung 35k Li-ion Battery 36 Volts | 500 Series

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  • Sale!

    13 Ah Samsung 40k Li-ion Battery 36 Volts | 500 Series

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  • Sale! Ebike Kit Battery

    17 Ah Ultra Li-ion Battery 36 Volts | 500 Series

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