Complete Front or Rear Wheel 500 Watts | 500 Series


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Complete Front or Rear Wheel 500 Watts | 500 Series

The Best E-Bike Wheel Kit

Convert your standard bike into a high-performance electric bike with Leeds Electric Bike’s front or rear e-bike wheel kit. It comes with a 500-watt brushless motor and control system that is unrivaled in the e-bike industry in terms of reliability and value for money. Whether you’re replacing a front or rear wheel on your 500 series e-bike or want to buy a new electric wheel kit a la carte, Leeds is your source for the best electric bike systems. IMPORTANT: Battery and Cables not included – this is a complete wheel and motor only.

The wheels are custom built to meet your personal specifications. You can easily choose or specify your custom requirements when making your order at our online store.

Built for True Performance

Our complete front or rear wheel kits come with an efficient 8FUN 500-watt motor that’s customizable by wheel size and color. Built

by e-bike technology experts, the e-bike motor is truly reliable and powerful. Its brushless hub design ensures zero resistance when the e-bike motor is not in use or engaged. Our complete front or rear e-bike wheel kit and the wheel purchased a la carte come with an exceptional 2-year warranty.

Designed for Easy Installation

The Leeds front or rear electric wheel kit is designed for simple installation. Anyone can get everything set up easily and ride the transformed e-bike right away. We offer full support and detailed tutorials to assist you in fitting the wheel easily yourself.

If you want to learn more about our e-bike wheel kits, electric controller, LCD displays or other accessories, contact us at 866-933-8716. We’re always ready to help you!

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Weight 11 lbs