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  • 10 mile electric bike kit

    Leeds 5.2 Ah Samsung 10k E-Bike Kit 24 Volts 250 Watts | 250 Series | 10+ Miles



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  • Sale! 10 mile electric bike kit

    Leeds 10.4 AH Samsung 30K E-Bike Kit 24 Volts 250 Watts | 250 Series | 20+ Miles



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  • Sale! 10 mile electric bike kit

    Leeds 20.8 Ah Samsung Ultra E-Bike Kit 24 Volts 250 Watts | 250 Series | 40+ Miles



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  • Sale! 40K Range Electric Bike Kit - 500 Series by Leeds Bikes

    Leeds 13 Ah Samsung 40K Electric Bike Kit 36 Volts 500 Watts | 500 Series | 35 Miles



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Meet Our Famous Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Leeds Bikes is the American pioneer in electric bike conversion kits. Hand-built in the USA with name brand parts and covered by our leading two-year warranty, our e-bike kits, complete eco bikes, and e-bike accessories are trusted across the country for their high quality and dependability. From easy commuting to running errands around town, our customizable electric bicycle kits are here to help you live your best, active life.

250 Series Kits

The famous 5-minute kit that started it all, our original 250 series electric bike kit is our most popular option for riders looking for an easy-to-use ride.

Simply designed but powerful enough to get you up hills with little effort, our 250 Series e-bike kit is the perfect starting e-bike for all levels of riders.

500 Series Kits

Need more power to haul a heavy load or get you up the steepest hills? We’ve got you covered!

Our 500 Watt Series Electric Bike conversion kits work great for larger riders, wide bike frames, trikes, and tandems that need that little extra boost on-the-go.

Eco E-Bikes

When you don’t have your own bike or don’t want to install a kit on your own, our pre-built e-bikes help you get all the perks of an e-bike kit without the effort.

We have models suited for all types of riders and riding environments, including electric city bikes and off-road terrain!


Great for new riders, kids, and the young at heart, our e-scooters are perfect for people who may have physical limitations but don’t want to give up an outdoor lifestyle.

Complete with a Bluetooth speaker and a convenient transport bag, our scooters fold up for easy and stylish riding wherever you go.

Why Choose Leeds Bikes?

We’re revolutionizing the way America gets around!

Leeds Bikes is driven by an unrelenting passion for electric bikes. With a focus on quality, our bikes are designed and crafted from premium, brand-name parts and backed by our worry-free, two-year warranty. Whether you're shopping for electric bike parts or your new favorite ride, our team is committed to quality and refuses to compromise on what passes our Leeds test for product excellence.

Customer Photos

Customer Testimonials

"I am in my early 60's and ride my bike for pleasure, exercise, and some commuting. One of the things I dreaded about riding was knocking myself out on hills and riding against the wind. No more. The E-Bike pretty much wipes out these negatives for me and I look forward to riding as much as possible this season.

I was hoping that the E-Bike solution would provide the assist I needed on hills. I was wrong, as it does much more. Yes, it provides a welcome assist when negotiating the toughest grades on my old hybrid but it also helped me to work my way back into shape by allowing me to easily extend my rides by helping me on the last legs of the route back home. I find myself using it sparingly now early in my ride as I have increased my strength and endurance. It also is great for getting me out of challenging situations like getting through an intersection quickly or passing on the trails.

It provides a welcome relief when riding into a stiff wind or when I discover I need to get home quickly and need the extra speed. I recently started to commute to work. It's only a 10 minute ride but 3/4 of the way are 6 steep grades one after the other. I've seen very few riders on this road which has a bike lane, but my E-Bike negotiates these beasts with ease.

The wheel was easy to install and has performed flawlessly so far this season. At some point I'll probably upgrade my battery but for now using it as an assist I can easily complete my 20-25 mile routes with power to spare."

Scott S.

"Back to the Future! This is a quick review of a 31-year-old 1987 Raleigh mountain bike conversion using LEEDS 500 Watt front hub conversion kit. Yes, this conversion was performed on a 31-year-old aluminum mountain bike with a steel front fork. This bike has been rejuvenated with new tires, saddle, fenders, raised handle-bar and grips; this bike was brought into the future with LEEDS electric bike conversion kit.

This update was done on my wife’s bike; I have the same bike but it is not electrified. These bikes are solid performers…but with the LEEDS kit, we can continue to use this investment into the future plus save well over a thousand dollars for a similar quality electric bike...

I would like to acknowledge LEEDS outstanding customer support by Mandy. I was unsure that the front fork would have proper clearance for the front hub motor; Mandy ensured me that if that conversion did not work, I could return the kit to LEEDS free of charge. In addition, a 2 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on battery/controller/charger ensured me that LEEDS stands behind its product. Overall, very impressed with the LEEDS kit and outstanding customer service."

-Michael B.


"I can't overstate how much I love this kit! I bought it to replace a stolen ebike and it's so far above my expectations it has become my favorite toy. I put the kit on my 20-year old Raleigh road bike... I was concerned that the simple on/ off pressure switch would be an inferior experience to the pedal assist and throttle modes on my previous ebike but the opposite is the case - I love the immediate on/ off response...

I'm getting phenomenal mileage. I totally prefer the kit approach to the manufactured e-bike approach for a variety of reasons - price, weight, using the bike I already own and like, transfer-ability, and the overall minimalist aesthetic of the product. I'll be getting another kit for a pet project - turning a vintage Raleigh English-made road bike into a kind of steampunk e-bike. The people I've worked with at Leeds were also top-notch - friendly, knowledgeable and professional."

-Patrick G

"I've been riding my bicycle to work 4 days/week in average for the last month and a half (since I converted my bike to electric) and it feels great!!

It's a 20-mile round trip that I would have never considered doing without the help of the electric motor, because the distance is significant and there are a few hills both ways... I have an office job (sitting all day), I was having a hard time finding time to exercise, and my bike has been collecting dust for the last 5 years... so converting my bike to electric was a win/win...

...and as an added bonus, my company has a series of benefits and incentives for employees that ride their bikes to work (or carpool, etc), not to mention that it rarely rains here in Southern California, so no excuses!! 🙂 I highly recommend this product to anybody interested in making a positive life change and has a bicycle collecting dust in the garage."

-Luis M.




"I bought this kit for my wife's trike. She is petite and had trouble getting the trike up to speed. She rides a couple miles a day to work and back. She has no trouble crossing a busy road now with the 24" e-wheel.

It will take off from a dead stop with no problem. To my surprise, it will do the same with me, but it does struggle a little. I'm 6-1 and 250lbs. It does great for me as well with a little peddling to get started. I plan to buy another setup sometime for my bike so I can keep up with my wife on the hills!"

-Phillip R

Our Electric Bicycle Kit

Leeds is the trusted source for quality and dependability when it comes to electric bike conversion kits. We’re the innovators behind the 250 Series, five-minute e-bike kit. If you are looking for a bike that is simple to assemble and cost-effective, nothing compares.

If you’re looking for something with a little more power to haul a heavy load or get you up the steepest hills, our 500 Series e-bike kit is for you. And don’t forget that all of our electric bike kits are customized to meet your specific needs. You simply won’t find a better product for less, anywhere.

Ride Freely, No Matter Your Fitness Level

Whether you’re a first-time cyclist or an avid rider getting back into the saddle, cycling can be intimidating. Many of our prospective customers tell us that they worry biking will be too slow, uncomfortable, and beyond their physical capabilities.

That’s where our electric bikes can help. An electric bike makes things even easier. Prebuilt electric bikes and electric bicycle kits, cyclists of all ages, shapes, and abilities can ride freely.

Electric-assisted bicycles are a great option for people with limited fitness, an injury, or a disability who are still looking to be active or get outside. Share the load with the electric motor with light pedaling, or go entirely on your own pedal power. It’s up to you! Our electric bike conversion kits put you in charge of how much exercise or assistance you want on your adventure.

Our Story

While serving in the United States Army, Leeds Founder, Mike Merrell, suffered a career-ending foot injury to his right foot. Mike was told he would never be able to run or do many of the activities he used to enjoy.

Mike was determined to make the best of his situation, so he began commuting to work on his bike. Mike discovered freedom when riding his bicycle. Unfortunately, Mike was unable to put all of his weight on his pedals without experiencing severe pain, especially when climbing hills.

Mike developed his own e-bike kit for his bike. His creation helped him navigate hills without any pain! He knew there were many people who could benefit from his electric bike conversion kit, so he created Leeds Bikes.

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