250 Series E-Bike Battery Bags

While each of our e-bike conversion kits comes with a durable denier battery bag, upgrading to a sturdier, more permanent option is the best way to protect your battery in the long run. Our e-bike battery bags are made to carry the 250 series battery system, providing you with security and peace of mind as you ride.

The many options also ensure that you get the most comfortable commute on your e-bike; attach your battery to the bike frame or under the seat, strap it to the handlebars, or even tuck it into a wire or rattan basket for an old school look. With an e-bike battery bag from Leeds, you can keep your battery safe and dry and suit your personal style.


We offer various electric bike battery bags and baskets to make riding more enjoyable and to help protect your investment for the long haul. Each battery carrier above has been tested and vetted thoroughly to ensure that our 250 Series Battery Systems fit appropriately and work on almost all bicycles. Our batteries come standard with a durable denier battery bag that attaches to the frame, but we recommend upgrading to a more permanent solution so that your battery will last years to come. A second bag will keep your investment better protected and lengthen the life of your battery keeping it protected from Mother Nature and unforeseen inclement weather on your longer rides.


Battery frame bags offer the best solution to carry and protect your 250 Series E-Bike Battery. The e-bike battery frame bag provides three points of attachment onto the bicycle frame, allow the battery to be protected by a complete distribution of weight inside the bag, waterproofing for all types of weather, and a cable slot for the bike-motor cable to run inside the bag while still completely sealing the battery inside the bag away from the elements. We offer the Revelate Frame Bag ($90) and Leeds Frame Bag ($39). Also, we have compiled a list of ALL other frame bags on the market. You can find this comprehensive list on our electric bike blog in our Bicycle Frame Bag Guide. This handy guide offers pricing, sizes, and online stores where each bag can be purchased.


Our other electric bike battery-carry solutions include baskets that attach to the handlebars, under the saddle trunk bags, and rack bags that ride on a rear rack. Each system provides great protection for your li-ion batteries, but they are not fully protected from the elements like the Bike Frame Bags and Handlebar Bags.

At Leeds, we strive to be an e-bike provider and a knowledgeable resource for all our customers. If you have any questions regarding our e-bike battery bags or any of our other e-bike products, please feel free to call us at (866) 933-8716 or email us at support@e-bikerig.com for technical support.

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