Meet The Leeds Bike Team

While serving in the United States Army, our Founder, Mike Merrell, suffered a career-ending foot injury that literally stopped him in his tracks. Told he would never be able to run or do many of the outdoor activities he used to enjoy, Merrell was determined to find a solution that was easy on his body but still allowed him to do the things he loved. The solution: Leeds Bikes.

Operating out of our headquarters in Utah, the Leeds Bikes team remains committed to our founder’s original vision of superior eco bikes and electric scooter kits that help people enjoy the outdoors, no matter their age or physical condition.

Our proprietary e-bikes and e-bike kits come with an industry-leading warranty and a dedicated team who consistently work to remain on the cutting edge, offering eco-friendly products alongside superior customer care. As one of the world’s leading e-bike providers, we simply refuse to compromise your satisfaction; instead, we choose to work hard and develop high-quality e-bikes and e-bike accessories that support your passion and your lifestyle.

Meet The Team

Mike Merrell — Creator of the Five Minute E-Bike Kit and Founder of Leeds Bicycle Solutions, Mike continues to be an integral part of the team, leading our marketing and product development efforts. His passion for eco-friendly business solutions and bicycling creates the foundation upon which Leeds is built.

Leora Merrell — Driven by an odd passion for customer service, Leora literally is not happy unless our customers are happy. Exceptionally knowledgeable about Leeds, e-bike conversion kits, and biking, she is the friendly and courteous face of our company.

Kobyn Bond — With an eye for detail that borders on the superhuman, Kobyn is our resident quality control master. Any e-bike kit that makes it past Kobyn’s ridiculously stringent standards must be of exceptional quality because Kobyn is known as the guardian of Leeds’ reputation and protector of our two-year warranty.

Spencer Lowder — As Leeds’ frontline warehouse inventory specialist, Spencer keeps our Utah warehouse running smoothly with a flair for organization that makes Martha Stewart look sloppy. His dedication and infatuation for structure and procedures make him an integral part of the Leeds team.

Colin Otteson — If the wheel ever needed to be re-invented, Colin would be the guy to do it. Lacing e-bike wheels faster than you can lace your own shoes, Colin’s speedy work allows us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Mandy Wallace — The woman knows how to talk to people. Not only is she a specialist who understands custom e-bike conversion kits, she truly is dedicated to ensuring that each of our customers is beyond just satisfied with their purchase. Guided by integrity and honesty, Mandy takes her job as a customer service specialist to its optimal level. She’s so skilled in e-bike conversions, she is a leading source for Leeds Bicyclology.

Amberlee Whitemyer — A virtual office whirlwind, Amberlee is involved in practically every operation at Leeds. She answers phone calls, handles emails, makes sure wheels are built and orders are processed. A biking enthusiast herself, Amberlee offers solutions to even the most technical questions.

Broc Wilkinson — If there is one thing that can be said about Broc (and often is by the rest of the team), it’s that he’s always ready to give his best and exceeds even the highest expectations. Lending a hand in the warehouse, Broc serves the Leeds team by always giving extra and taking on the responsibility without hesitation.


We take personal pride in every product that leaves our warehouse doors. From our battery-powered, off-road e-bikes to our incredible customer service, the Leeds Bikes team remains committed to ensuring a positive buying experience for all of our customers. Discover the difference that passion makes by browsing our e-bike gear, batteries, and e-bike parts now for free US shipping on your order!