250 Series Electric Bike Kits

Our 250 Series electric bike kits are perfect for the rider who enjoys simplicity. These 250-watt electric bike conversion kits install on your bike in only a few minutes, with minimal tools and technical skills required. They are simple, reliable and will give you ample power to speed up hills with very little effort! Discover today why these kits made Leeds Bikes famous!

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Why Choose Our 250 Series Electric Bike Conversion Kits?

  • Flexible: Our electric bike kits let the electric motor do all (or a little) of the work — it’s your choice! Pedal by yourself for a health-boosting workout or let the motor do the work when you need a rest or extra boost up that tough hill. Whatever you need, our electric bike conversion kits are here to help you find your perfect ride.
  • Great on Hills: Our 250 Series has ample power to speed up hills with very little effort, or cruise long distances without working up a giant sweat.
  • Customizable: Our electric bike kits are fully customizable to your bike’s dimensions, so you get a kit that perfectly fits your needs and preferences as a rider. If you ever need assistance figuring out which options to choose, simply contact us!
  • Healthy for You and the Planet: Alongside supporting heart-healthy activity, cycling is much more environmentally-friendly than driving your car or ridesharing. Our eco-friendly batteries are long-lasting and our kits are built right here in the US, so you get a bike that’s good for you and the planet!
  • Empowering: The electric motor is perfect if you have fitness or mobility issues that would otherwise limit your ability to ride a bike.

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Each 250 Series electric bike conversion kit is hand-built in the USA and customized for each order. At Leeds, we pride ourselves on our expertise and customer service. If you have any questions about our electric bike kits, please contact our friendly team for help!

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