Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) PD-DH2 Left Side | 500 Series



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Leeds Bikes offers reliable and highly accurate 500 Series e-bike parts, such as the pedal assist sensor (PAS) for your e-bike kit. Get the PD-DH2 Left Side pedal assistance sensor for your e-bike 500 Series kit, and enjoy smooth and fast activation of your e-bike motor.

This two-piece e-bike PAS sensor installs on the left side of the crankshaft, without the need to remove the pedal crank. This ensures simple and quick installation so you can get riding.

Easy-Fit for Improved Performance

Our sensor comes with an easy-insert magnet that snaps apart to fit the 500-watt electric bike conversion kit. When used instead of the standard PAS, the Leeds 10-Magnet PAS helps you completely eliminate the most difficult stage of converting your standard bike into an e-bike.

With power-fast response, water resistance, great accuracy, and reliable signal output, the PAS sensor for the 500 Series E-Bike Kit improves the overall performance of your e-bike cycling experience.

Get it at Leeds

Want to achieve better co-axial motion, signal stability, and high sensitivity for your ebike pedal-assist system? Get it with the Leeds 10-Magnet Pedal Assist Sensor for the 500 Series kit. With a built-in disk-integrated structural design and unique and beautiful appearance, you’re sure to enjoy the improved smoothness of your pedal assist.

Need help with your e-bike PAS sensor installation? You can get instructions here. If you have questions or need support, chat with us online or call us at (877) 607-6238.

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