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Imagine riding your bike to work, to the store, or out on the trail without having to worry about getting too tired or stuck on that hill. With our electric bike kits, that dream is a lot easier than you might think!

In 2013, Leeds Bikes shocked the electric bike industry by releasing our now-famous 5-minute electric wheel bike kits. Converting a bike to electric became simple because of Leeds Bikes. Since then our team has become one of the world’s top electric bike conversion companies, and one of the only ones that keeps all its assembly right here in the USA!

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Convert Your Bicycle in Just 5 Minutes With Our Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

At Leeds Bikes, we’re serious about our eco-footprint. While we do sell complete, pre-made eco electric bikes, all of our electric bike kits for sale are designed to adapt to your bike at home. That means less waste on the planet and more savings in your pocket, plus a completely customized bike that fits your needs!

We offer two model series of electric bike kits for sale:

250 Series Electric Bike Kit

The 250 Series Electric Bike Kit is simple, reliable, and will give you ample power to speed up hills with very little effort! This is the e bike kit that made us famous.

The 250 Series Kit can be installed in as little as 5 minutes. It’s perfect for the rider who doesn’t need a big technical installation and just wants to get outside and ride as soon as possible.

We offer several different versions and battery power variations of the 250 series to fit your unique needs. All of our electric bike kits for sale also feature customizable options for features like wheel size and appearance, disc brakes, rear-wheel options, and more.


500 Series Electric Bike Kit

The 500 Watt Electric Bike Series Kit is a modified version of our 250 Series, perfect for riders that need more hill-climbing power and torque to move heavier loads.

Recommended for heavier riders, fat bike frames, trikes, tandems, and large cargo loads, our 500 Series gives you more power and more options to fit your bike.

These e bike kits are a little more involved and can take about 45 minutes to install.

Each 500 Series electric wheel bike kit is hand-built in the USA and can be customized for features like wheel size and appearance, disc brakes, and rear-wheel options just like the 250 Series.


What Comes in Our Electric Bike Kits?

Our electric bicycle conversion kits come with their own wheel, which will replace your bicycle’s existing front wheel. Front-wheel drives are recommended for most riders, but we also have rear-wheel options for those who prefer it on the back wheel.

Our electric bike wheel kits include everything you need to convert your bike, including the electric motor, battery pack, cabling for all components, and, of course, an installation guide. For any installation support, feel free to contact our expert team, 24/7, by email at leedsbikes@gmail.com.

Try a Leeds E-bike Kit for Yourself!

More people than ever before are rediscovering their love of the great outdoors through our electric-assisted bikes and electric scooter kits. Whether you’re trying to get back in shape or simply want a faster, easier way to get outside, the hassle-free, two-year warranty on all our electric bike kits for sale ensures that you get a high-quality product that fits your needs.

Our products are trusted around the nation for their quality and durability, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service whenever you have questions or a technical issue. If you need help determining what sizes and options you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. Shop our electric bicycle conversion kits today to receive free shipping on your order!