Cyclist Equipment Extras and Electric Bike Accessories

Converting your existing bike into an e-bike with our easy-to-install electric bike kits gives you increased mobility and ease of exercise. But once you start upgrading your ride, it’s hard to stop! Keep going with some simple and useful e-bike upgrades from our collection of cyclist equipment.

Whether it’s gear to help you keep going in inclement weather or tools for completing small fixes, our electronic bike accessories make riding easier and safer.

Extras for of All of Your Needs

There is some cyclist equipment that every serious rider should always have with them. It may not be integral to actually riding your bike, but nobody wants to be at the far end of their ride when they realize their tires need repair. Especially if you’re on an off-road bike in the middle of nowhere. Get tire repair kits and more from Leeds Bikes, and ride with confidence.

We also have electronic bike accessories for safety, including taillights and bike mitts. Don’t get caught without the equipment that could protect you, allowing you to ride on.

Leeds Bikes Is All About Extras

Leeds offers cutting-edge products. In addition to e-bikes, motors, and cycling extras, we offer e-bike parts that ship quickly. All of our batteries and parts are lightweight and relatively easy to install. Our kits are customizable, so you can get the right one to fit your existing bike. Sign up for our email list to get 10% off, and then order what you need from Leeds Bikes today.

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