Doublewide Motor Axle Torque Washers (set of 2)Leeds Electric Bike


Convert Your Bike Today

By converting your manual bike to electric you not only get the benefits of being healthier and lowering your carbon footprint, but can get a big push on hills and other rough terrains. While our standard conversion systems work for most cyclists, there are about 5% of customers who need something a little more specialized. Leeds Electric Bike is here to help you no matter what kind of bike you are trying to convert with extra pieces such as our popular double wide motor axle torque washers.

Tough Torque Washers

One issue we often hear about is when there just isn’t enough clearance between the front forks to fit the motor hub. To give you that little extra clearance, we offer double wide torque washers that ensure your bike’s motor remains stationary but still allows the wheel to spin. This way you get maximum functionality and safety without additional washers that can impair clearance.

High-Quality Parts and Accessories

Torque washers are one of the most important pieces in a conversion kit, which is why we offer only the best quality. These double wide torque washers are tough enough for the conditions your bike faces and were developed after consulting a metallurgical and mechanical engineering firm to find the best solution. They will give you the stability you need from a regular torque washer or c-nut to keep everything in place and working great for many miles.

We want to make converting your bike with our ebikekits as easy as possible, which is why we offer parts and accessories such as these washers. We’re always here to help with your ebike conversion, so feel free to contact us.

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