36 Volt Li-Ion Battery Charger | 500 Series


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36 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

If you need an extra charger for your e-bike battery, Leeds Bikes has just what you’re looking for. Our 36-volt lithium-ion battery charger is designed specifically for our 500w e-bike batteries. Please note, if you need a charger for your 250w battery, you can find it here.

Did you know that regularly recharging your empty e-bike battery extends your battery life? This 36-volt li-ion battery charger is convenient and great for charging our range of Samsung 500 Series battery models quickly. It also comes with a power light to indicate when your e-bike battery is full.

Use it Anywhere You Are

Wherever you are, our high-power brand battery charger helps keep your e-bike battery powered. All our battery chargers run on 120-240 volts, 60/60 Hz with a relatively fast output current. Use the 36-volt lithium-ion battery charger anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. In non-U.S. countries, a wall plug adapter is needed.

Buy Affordable E-Bike Components

If you’re looking for eco-bike accessories for your 500 Series e-bike conversion kit, then you’re in the right place. In addition to this 36 volt li-ion battery charger, Leeds Bikes stocks a large and affordable range of 500 Series components to suit your needs.

Get your affordable 36-volt lithium-ion battery charger for all 500-watt electric bike kits at our online store. Make your order today, and keep your ride powered up! If you have any questions, please contact our knowledgeable team.

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