Employee Highlight | Trey Explains His Role as an E-Bike Kit Wheel Builder

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Hi, I’m Trey Cragun. I’m a seventeen year-old student, a cyclist, and a “Warehouse Ninja” at Leeds. Our manager calls us warehouse ninjas because our warehouse is our space where we can be experts. At some point a customer called us “wheel ninjas” because they loved our work and it eventually turned into “warehouse ninjas”. So, my job title unofficially is a Warehouse Ninja. My job is to ensure that your purchase is customized and out the door quickly.

Youth, like myself, have the opportunity to work at all kinds of places, but working at Leeds is an experience that is different. I say it’s better than the average workplace! Leeds is like the In-N-Out Burger of our community – everyone wants to work here but only a few of us are so lucky.

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Riding my unicycle to work…

I’ll tell you a little about working at Leeds. We have two locations – the warehouse and the office – in a small town called Mountain Green, Utah. Mountain Green is a thriving location for avid cyclists, runners, snowboarders, and skiers. Here we are able to easily test out our products before shipping to our customers. We have miles of open road that are available to us. We have the friendly community that supports us as a local business. This means that the community is behind us to always ensure that we provide great customer service and a quality product whether it is a battery frame bag, an electric bike, or an advanced 500 Watt electric bike kit.

Warehouse ninjas busy building electric bike kits.

Warehouse ninjas busy building electric bike kits.

Every day at the warehouse we ninjas are tasked to build, ship, and package YOUR orders. We completely build our wheels without using quick lacing tools or techniques. We do it old school! We blend hi-tech with the personal touch. We personally lace and true every single spoke by hand. After careful inspection from a supervisor, we then carefully package every one of your electric bike kit parts. We smack the shipping label on the package and it goes out the door with our local FedEx rep.

The company owners and managers come from all sorts of backgrounds and have experience in the biking industry, as industry experts, corporate management, stay-at-home moms, and more. And those of us who build in the warehouse as “Warehouse Ninjas” are either in college or still in high school. So how do teenagers run an efficient warehouse? That is a great question and the answer, in my opinion, is mutual respect. We recognize our strengths and weaknesses. We look to improve each others’ efforts and constantly improve our own processes. We work hard to implement our manager’s tasks. As youth, we are also very competitive and try to outperform each other in building a perfectly laced and trued wheel. I think this is shown in our customer reviews of our electric bike kits. We receive outstanding feedback and appreciate YOUR comments after you have purchased the product. This creates an exciting environment as we strive to build something beyond our customers’ expectations. We have reminders all over our warehouse that keep us focused on YOU our customer. For example, instead of a sign at our warehouse that reads “XX DAYS SINCE THE LAST ACCIDENT”, our sign reads “XXX DAYS SINCE THE LAST SHIPPING ERROR“. We work hard to keep that number at three digits. When we start back at “0” it is a BIG disappointment for us.

"146 Days Since Last Shipping Error"

“146 Days Since Last Shipping Error”

Sometimes we rotate out of warehouse work and assist with the office duties. Our office hours are from 9:00-5:00 MST Monday through Friday. Our office staff are ready to answer calls all day. We try to answer calls within three rings. I enjoy working in the office from time to time and answering phones, but my real expertise is in wheel building.

In and out of the office our office team members:

  • Answer the phone quickly (866.933.8716)
  • Respond timely to any voice mails
  • Respond timely to after-hours support emails (support@e-bikerig.com)
  • Communicate orders with the warehouse staff
  • Develop content for social media campaigns

Since starting at Leeds I’ve learned that communication is our primary focus. Letting each team member know exactly what is happening and when it is happening keeps our warehouse and office running smoothly. From working on both sides of the operation I have learned that good communication is incredibly important. The following are some things I’ve learned working with others:

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.” The golden rule. Being able to be courteous of our coworkers is important for successful communication.

Jumping to conclusions and assuming is the worst type of intention. By ensuring the each team member understands first, and then responds accordingly makes it so emotions aren’t involved, and the best decisions are made.

Interacting with others is a perfect opportunity for each and every one of us to see different viewpoints and broaden our perspective. Going along with the previous point, we need to take time to listen consider, understand, and then respond. We recognize everyone has something to offer and we can always learn from others.

By avoiding direct communication with others, we are jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. We commit to interact directly with our peers, even when those interactions may be challenging. Communication is key.

For any other electric bike tips or to learn more about our electric bike products, please give us a call at 866-933-8716, 9:00-5:00 MST Monday through Friday, or leave a message at any other time. If you need immediate support, please email us at support@e-bikerig.com and one of us will strive to get back to you after hours. Enjoy!


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