5 Lame Excuses to ‘not’ ride an Electric Bike

lame excuses to not ride an electric bike

Have you considered commuting to work on your bike or electric bike, but always seem to come up with reasons it’s NOT a good idea? If you answered “yes” then you know the struggle is real and this article is for you. Our friends came up with a great list of the top excuses people have for not pedaling to work and we decided to add a twist for those who are commuting using an e-bike conversion kit or a fully loaded electric bike, which is even MORE convenient than regular bicycle commuting. So stop reading if you want to keep your excuses or carry on down the list if you are ready to end the cycle of LAME EXCUSES! 🙂 


#1 “I’ll Be Sweaty”

The Solution: Well, this one is easy! By riding an electric bike or your bike converted to electric, you remove the hardest work from bicycle commuting. In fact, this was one of the reasons our company came to be in the first place. The owner was looking for a way he could get to work and back on his bike without arriving at work looking (and smelling) like he needed a shower! An e-bike was the answer. And the rest was history….


#2 “It’s too Hot or too Cold”

The Solution: Invest in clothing that will keep you comfortable. Conditions will likely vary between your morning and evening commutes, so pack accordingly. Many of the battery bags and accessories we sell for our e-bike kits have additional room in them to pack your extra gear.


#3 “It’s Not Safe”

The Solution: Wear reflective clothing and have at least one front and one rear light. Use the bike feature on Google Maps to plan the lowest-traffic route. Planning a route may take a little time, but once you learn the route you are set!


#4 “It’s Too Far Away”

The Solution: Use a combination of cycling and public transportation to tailor a route. Or put your bike onto or into your car, drive part of the way, and ride the rest. We have many customers who have successfully installed our Leeds e-bike conversion kit onto their foldable bikes, specifically so that they can use them for bus or car commuting. You just need to install our rear model on foldable bikes.


#5 “There’s No Place to Park”

The Solution: Lock your bike in the most visible spot possible—thieves like privacy. Or ask your boss if you can stash your bike in a basement or a utility closet. Make sure to disconnect your e-bike battery and take it with you. Our Lithium-Ion batteries are lightweight and very portable, making it a snap to bring them into the office in your bag.  As a side bonus, you can re-charge your battery while you work so you’ll be ready for the evening commute home!

Now you have no excuses. Get out and ride and tag us on your photos @ebikecommuter on Instagram and Twitter or email us photos@e-bikerig.com. Ride safe and live healthy!

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