Customer Highlight | Back on the Bike with Man’s Best Friend

electric bike conversion kit on jeff cerias bicycle

We would like to highlight Jeff, one of many customers we hear from every day whose life has improved with a Leeds e-bike conversion kit. Jeff lives in Southern Maine, in a beautiful coastal town. He is also disabled, but remains active and loves the outdoors. Due to his disability, he is unable to have a drivers license and has limited mobility.

When Jeff called to inquire about purchasing an e-bike kit, he informed me that it would be his primary source of transportation. The kit had to be 100% reliable and predictable. We spoke at length so that I could make sure he was getting the right electric bike battery for the miles he would need to run his errands on a single charge. In the end, Jeff went with the Leeds 10k Kit.

Down the road he may upgrade to a bigger battery, but for now, the affordability and value of the 10k suited his budget. Jeff tows a trailer around town so that he is able to transport groceries, including a 20 lb bag of dog food for his prized canine companion, Jada. He called me just to tell me how amazed he was at the amount of power produced by our 8FUN 250 Watt motor, even while towing the extra weight!

He said that everywhere he goes people comment on two things: how cool his bike is now with its awesome new electric conversion kit and his beautiful dog Jada. Jada goes everywhere with Jeff, and with the super quiet electric motor in the front wheel, Jada can run alongside the bike with ease. (I think she loves Jeff’s new e-bike kit as much as he does!)

jeff cerias dog Jada

She really is a gorgeous dog! Hearing from satisfied customers like Jeff is the favorite part of my job. It makes me happy to know that our conversion kits are truly making a difference in people’s lives. Just the other day, one of our first customers called to tell me that his kit was still running as strong as the day he bought it, over 2 years ago! He was thrilled with the performance and quality he received and continues to see. This absolutely made my day!

It really is amazing to know our products are helping people and offering them greater mobility. Isn’t that what it’s all about? If you have a great story to share, we would love to hear from you, too! My name is Mandy and you can e-mail me at or visit our electric bike guest blogger requirements if you would like to share your experience. Thanks!


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