11 Ah Samsung 35k Li-ion Battery 36 Volts | 500 Series

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High-Quality 36v E-Bike Battery

If you need to pick up a new li-ion battery for your Leeds 500 series electric bike, you can buy a separate Samsung 36v e-bike battery without having to invest in another electric bike kit. Other riders like to grab a spare bicycle battery so they have an additional source of power for those long rides, and you can keep a spare battery handy if one needs to be charged. Our battery kits include a proprietary battery management system (BMS) and a controller.


This 36v 11ah e-bike battery is powered by quality Samsung li-ion cells, and it provides power for up to 30 miles on a single charge. Cruise along at 19 mph with this battery, or reach 22 mph while pedaling! This 36v e-bike battery is perfect for long commutes, and it will help you climb those steep hills, too.

Additional Notes

Please note this is a 500w e-bike battery, and it is only compatible with the 500w bike conversion kit. If you bought a 250 Series E-Bike Kit, you can find other 250 Series batteries throughout our store.

Battery chargers are sold separately. Our chargers are also included in all 500 Series E-Bike Kits.

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