Throttle & Cable Set for Controller and Motor | 250 Series



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E-Bike Cables for Your 250 Series Kit

Please refer to the photos to make sure that the connection matches your e-bike motor cable. If you have any questions about which e-bike cable set to buy, please call us at (888) 357-6504.

Customize your Leeds 250 series electric bike and enhance your ride with a grip throttle, which provides a battery-powered assist through a natural grip action. We sell a separate throttle and cable set for e-bikes in case you want to set up a second cable on another bike.

For more information on the Grip Throttle, check out our article on it, and you can decide whether it’s right for you!


Our sets of e-bike cables come with a cable attached to the primary battery plug and a second cable that is attached to a Grip Switch throttle, which attaches to the handlebars for easy access. The Grip Switch cable is 54” (137cm), and the hub cable is 70” (178cm). Both cables are measured from the battery connection plug.

We also offer a longer e-bike motor cable set in case you want to set up a recumbent bike or another type of special project with your battery and motor.

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