Electric Bike Kit Battery Systems: How Far Can You Go?

person riding their bike through the mountains

E-bikes are all the rage these days, and for good reason; they pack a punch no ordinary bike can give you. With that extra push from the motor, no rough terrain stands a chance once you go full throttle. Additionally, thanks to the electric bike battery power, you can go on long distance rides without the long distance effort. But, exactly how far can you go on an electric bike?

Calculating Your Electric Bike Battery Capacity

Before you go on a riding expedition, it is advised you check just how much energy capacity your battery has. This will save you the trouble of running out of battery in the middle of your journey, which can consequently cause you to manually pedal the rest of the way.

So how exactly do you gauge your electric bike’s battery power and capacity? Simple. You take the battery’s voltage (V) power and then multiply it by the battery’s amp hours (Ah). For example, if your battery’s voltage is 24 and its amp hours is 10, you get 24V x 10Ah = 240 watt hours. 240 watt hours is the energy capacity of your e-bike battery.

Based on Capacity, How Far Can Electric Bikes Go?

It is estimated that, for every mile you use your electric bike battery power instead of manually pedaling, you use up about 20 watt hours. So for a 24V 10Ah battery, you can ride up to 12 miles, more or less. If you’re going on a longer ride, you will need to replace your existing battery with one that has a higher energy capacity.

Should you have a hard time assessing an electric bike’s battery capacity, you can simply ask the shop from which you are purchasing the battery for assistance. The important thing to remember is that your own pedaling power will significantly increase how far you can go on an electric bike. Remember this when planning your long-distance ride.

Conserve Your Electric Bike Battery Power

Even if you’ve already estimated your battery’s energy capacity and the safest distance for riding, it is still recommended you prepare for any untoward incident—in this case, your battery dying. To save energy, you can turn off the motor when you’re riding through easy terrain, and manually pedal your way through. Once you hit rough terrain, or are about to start on an uphill climb, simply turn on the electric bike battery power.

When planning to bring an extra e-bike battery pack, we recommend that you purchase a branded option, like those made by Samsung and Panasonic. Their high-quality e-bike accessories have undergone stringent quality checks, so you’re assured these batteries are of the highest caliber. Worry less about how far you can go on an electric bike and just enjoy the ride!

If you need assistance with your new, replacement, or extra battery system for your electric bicycle kit, please do not hesitate to give us a call. You may reach us at (877) 956-7302.


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