College E-Bike Kit: Student’s Best Friend on Campus

E-bike Kit Banner for Students

Before sending your son or daughter away to college, you can give them one more thing as a loving, doting parent—an eBike kit. While a regular bike ought to be enough to help them move from one part of the campus to another, an electric bike offers many more advantages that are fit for a freshman living in a big campus.

College can be stressful. With all the school activities and exams, and if unpredictable traffic situations are going to add themselves to the list of things you kid has to worry about, an electric bike kit might just be the best college hack—transportation-wise. Low cost and lightweight, electric bikes can easily suit a student’s desired lifestyle.

If your child is attending college, he’s probably staying in a dorm or apartment within the campus. To help him or her get around more quickly, an eBike kit that they can install on their bike is a worthy investment. With speeds of up to 20 MPH—depending on the kit and unit whether it is a 250 Series, a 500 Series, or a complete electric bike—students can get around with ease and avoid the stress of having to rush to their classes, meetings, or work.

Another advantage to using an electric bike is the savings on transportation expenses. Instead of spending on gas or transport fare, your child will be able to save their money for other more important things like groceries, rent, and school necessities. Additionally, for students who plan to work part-time or sign up for multiple extracurricular activities to make the most out of their college experience, an ordinary bike transformed into a lithium battery-powered machine can help them save time and much-needed energy.

It’s important to show your support during this time in your child’s life-wink wink. What better way to do that than by giving them the best electric bicycle kit you can afford? Here at Leeds, we have a line of eBike kits and eBike accessories that can be installed in as little as 5 minutes!

Let us know what your child’s riding preferences and requirements are and we’ll do our best to match them with one of our high-performing eBike kits. If your student already enjoys going out for a ride on their bicycle, then they’ll surely enjoy the extra speed, distance, and convenience that they can get with an electric bicycle.

For inquires on our eBikes or for more product information on a specific eBike kit, please do not hesitate to contact us at (866) 933-8716.



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