Build a Custom E-Bike without Spending a Lot with an E-Bike Conversion Kit

a custom e-bike build

Electric bicycles are a fun and environmentally-friendly method of transportation, and completing your own custom e-bike build using an e-bike conversion kit is not only easy but also affordable. With electric bike conversion kits, you can build a reliable vehicle that offers plenty of advantages over standard bicycles, such as speed, convenience, and ease of use.

An electric bike kit can convert your bike into a powerful cargo-carrying bicycle on steroids. Yet, a kit can also be quiet and covert. No one will ever know your ride is actually an electric bike. The install is easy, quick, and makes your bicycle a semi-permanent electric bike.

Want to ride without electric assistance? No problem. A geared planetary motor spins freely with resistance, so you can ride like you normally would without the extra juice.

The Benefits of an E-Bike Build

a cruiser with an electric bike conversion kit

The two main benefits of using an electric bike conversion kit versus buying a name-brand e-bike are price and custom specifications. With a kit, you can save a lot of money and get full control of the exact speed, range, power, and other benefits you’re looking for in an electric bicycle.

E-bike conversion kits also allow you to save on all the research, markup, and overhead that goes into building one from scratch. There are plenty of options to make your e-bike build your own unique ride. We offer electric bike parts a-la-carte, but most people find it is more convenient to buy an e-bike kit ready to install immediately onto their bikes.

Finally, an e-bike conversion kit allows you to choose from different types of battery capacities, rear or front electric wheel conversions, name brands like Samsung or Panasonic, and more. A kit allows you the ability to customize the build to what you are specifically looking for in an electric bike without the high cost.

Choose Your Series at Leeds Bikes

Be creative, and build the best 250 Watt electric bike you can imagine with our 250 Series selection, or opt for a 500 Watt electric bike conversion that will give you additional power. Have questions or need help with your e-bike build? Please check out our FAQ page, or call us at (866) 933-8716.


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