Pro Electric Bike Legislation moves Forward

electric bicycle policy in california

Here at Leeds Bicycle Solutions, we have loyal customers hailing from the great states of California and New York, so we thought we should share this exciting news. Even if you don’t call one of those states home, this new legislation is good news for ALL e-bike enthusiasts, because it sets a precedence that may soon be adopted by your state, so stay tuned…..


Let me explain this new legislation in plain terms: As of 1 July 2015, legislation is moving forward which would classify all e-bikes under 750 watts and having a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph as BICYCLES.  That’s right, bicycles! This means you can take your e-bike anywhere regular bikes are allowed.  Bike lanes, bike paths, on the bus, etc. This has always been one of the main reasons we strive to keep all of our kits that we sell well below these regulations, to ensure that anyone owning one of our kits is never denied access to cycling opportunities because their bike contains a motor.

There are certainly companies out there selling souped up 1000 watt motors that will essentially turn your bike into a motorcycle, but at Leeds, that has never been our goal. We strive to keep your bike a bike. And if you own one of our e-bike conversion kits, you know that’s our goal.

CA E-Bike Infographic

The Bicycle Products Suppliers Association (BPSA) has formed an e-bike committee partnering with People For Bikes, which has been busy lobbying local governments throughout the US to help standardize regulations where e-bikes are concerned. Already, similar legislation has been passed in Nebraska and Montana. And looking forward, legislation is being introduced in Ohio, Indiana, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, Utah, and Tennessee.

It is our hope that similar laws will eventually be put in place in all 50 states, and beyond. This is indeed great news for the e-biking community, news that brings us closer to our goal of making sure that ALL can enjoy bicycling, get outside, and have FUN with an electric bike or your bike converted to electric with an electric bike kit from Leeds!


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