A Tisket, A Tasket, Does your Electric Bike need a Basket? …or Bag?

banjo brothers electric bike battery bag

If your answer is yes, look no further! A basket is a great way to store your Leeds e-bike kit battery. In fact, many of our customers use baskets on their bikes.  Not only are they a great option for battery placement, they are also excellent for picking up a few groceries, stashing some extra gear for your ride, or bringing little Toto along for some fresh air.  Whatever it is you need help carrying, one of the new basket options we have added to our accessory page is sure to fit your needs.

We have 2 great new baskets for you to choose from.  Both are handlebar mounts. Both have plenty of room for storing your e-bike kit battery and accessories, but they have 2 very unique styles.

First is the Axiom Fresh Mesh DLX Front Basket.

axiom black mesh basket for e-bike batteries

This tough, durable steel basket has a quick release lever and a convenient carrying handle, so it can come into the market with you! It also features the ability to add accessories like the headlight shown, and can hold an astonishing 55 pounds! It is priced at $50.  More information can be found on our website by clicking HERE.

The other awesome new basket we are carrying is the Nantucket Tuckernuck Front Basket.

This beauty is so stylish, you’ll be the envy of all your friends, e-bikers and traditional bikers alike. It is made from natural rattan and features leather buckle straps for easy handlebar mounting. And with a carrying capacity of 13 lbs, you can still store any of our Leeds e-bike batteries inside, along with a few e-bike kit accessories! Priced at $56.00, it can be purchased under the “extras” heading on our website, or by clicking HERE.

Other great options for carrying e-bike batteries or frame bags, seat post bags, and rear carrier bags. These items can be purchased online in our “bags” or “extras” category.

I have to admit, I’ve been eyeing these new baskets ever since they arrived here at the shop last week! I have always enjoyed having a basket on my bike, but mine is old and rusty (and too flimsy to hold my e-bike battery, let alone carry all the other things I would love to bring along on my rides).  Yes, it’s definitely time for a new basket.  The only question now is, Which one??? They are both so great, this will be a tough decision.


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