Axiom Fresh Mesh DLX Handlebar Battery Basket



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Leeds Electric Bike brings you the tough and durable Axiom Mesh DLX Handlebar Basket for storing your e-bike kit battery and other essentials. If you’re looking for a detachable basket for your e-bike to carry small items, the Axiom Mesh Bike Basket is the perfect pick.

With a quick release level and a convenient carrying handle, you can carry it with you whenever you need it. Add extra accessories on the mounted basket like a headlight and carry up to 55 pounds.

Simple and Reliable

The Axiom Fresh Mesh Handlebar basket is designed with ease of use and reliability in mind. Whether you want extra space for your battery, small backpack, or groceries, this convenient basket is sure to fit your needs. It comes with:

  • Simple carry handle to ensure convenient off-bike use
  • Fast, easy hanging attachment to system on front handlebar
  • Rubber feet
  • Quick release mount (Fits 22.2-31.8mm handlebars)
  • Durable construction (Vinyl-dipped steel mesh)

The Axiom Mesh Bike Basket fits all Leeds e-bike battery kits.

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Searching for good quality e-bike accessories like baskets? If your answer is yes, then look no further. Leeds Electric Bike offers a selection of essential e-bike accessories like the Axiom Fresh Mesh Handlebar basket. Whatever e-bike kit you have, we have everything you need for storing your gear.

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  • Attachment Method: Quick Connect
  • Carry Location: Front
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Total Volume: 24.5
  • Weight: 2268 g
  • Weight Limit (lbs): 55 lbs
  • Fits: Leeds PBJ, 10k, 10k+, 30k, 30k+, Ultra, Ultra+

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs