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Video | Feel like a Kid Again with an Electric Bike!

We love hearing from you! Whether it is a 250 Series Electric Bike Kit, or a 500 Series E-Bike Kit, the most common theme we hear from each of you is that our electric bike kits make it possible to ride a bike again like you use to. WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG! Many have related it to riding a…

E-Bike Kit Motor Hub Axle

Video | Electric Bike Motor Axle does not fit into the Bicycle Fork Dropouts

If the axle does not fit into the dropouts because it is slightly too big, you may need to file the inside of the dropouts in order to fit the axle on the e-bike kit motor.

electric bike motor is making funny sound

Electric Bike Motor is making a Funny Sound

Sometimes when the electric bike kit is installed incorrectly a scraping sound may occur. If this happens, please check the following to ensure a proper ebike kit installation:

ebike motor is rubbing against fork

Video | Electric Bike Motor is rubbing against the Fork

If the electric bike motor is rubbing against the front fork try the following options and watch the alternate electric bike kit installation video below: