Electric Trike Conversions – A Great Baby Boomer Option!

yellow bike with a front-wheel tricycle conversion kit and baskets

Are you a Baby Boomer who loves to ride traditional or electric bikes? Are you someone who just likes new riding experiences? Have you considered riding a bike with a front-wheel tricycle conversion kit?

Discover Your Options

There are many options if you’re looking to complete an electric tricycle conversion. One of the most popular is a standard trike with a single wheel in the front with two rear wheels. The second most popular is a tadpole trike with two wheels out front.

Both offer the ability to sit comfortably, allow for full control of weight distribution, and provide an enjoyable experience reminiscent of riding a tricycle, just like you did when you were a kid. Only this time, you can ride with more spunk when you put your trike on a nice lithium diet using an electric bike kit.

Surprisingly, people of all ages ride these electric trikes, including me, Mike Merrell. See our customer photos below and learn more about the front-wheel tricycle conversion kits you’ll find at Leeds Bikes.

Convert Your Tricycle to Electric

blue adult tricycle with an electric tricycle conversion

Traditional Adult Tricycle with a Front Wheel Conversion Kit

Note that the trike pictured directly above uses a front-wheel conversion kit. We always recommend a front-wheel conversion if you’re using one of our 250 Series kits, unless you have a special requirement for something like the tadpole trike.

In fact, the tadpole trike pictured below was converted with a rear conversion hub.

recumbent tadpole tricycle option for converting a tricycle to electric

Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle with Rear Conversion Hub

Both options, rear and front-wheel tricycle conversion kits, are available in our online collection, and you can choose which you prefer for your bicycle at checkout. Convert a tricycle to electric, and cruise farther. Enjoy!


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