Electric Trike Conversions – A Great Baby Boomer Option!

e-trike kit for adult tricycle

Are you a BABY BOOMER or do you like new riding experiences? Have you considered riding an electric trike?

There are many types of trikes, but two of the most popular are a standard trike with a single wheel in the front with two rear wheels and the second most popular is a tadpole trike with two wheels out front. Both offer the ability to sit comfortably, allow for full control of weight distribution, and are an enjoyable experience riding a bicycle tricycle just like you did when you were a kid. Only this time you can ride with more spunk with a little lithium trike diet.

They are ELECTRIC TRIKES! Surprisingly, people of all ages ride trikes to include me, Mike Merrell. See our customer photos below!

Note that the first trike uses a front wheel conversion kit and the second trike was converted with a rear conversion hub. Lastly, the video, which is also a front wheel conversion, was shot by our awesome customer Dave Smith at Burning Man 2015. Both options, front wheel and rear wheel, are available and you may choose which you prefer for your bicycle at checkout. We always recommend a front wheel conversion for the 250 Series unless you have a special requirement like the tadpole trike. Enjoy!


Traditional Adult Tricycle


Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle