Bike to Work Day

May is National Bike to Work Month

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” -Albert Einstein


This is Not Insanity

How many of us do the same thing over and over again, but expect different results? See different results by biking to work and ditching the car. Every year in May commuters all over the United States leave the car behind and jump on a saddle for National Bike to Work Day or even for the whole month.

Bike to Work Day has grown into a widespread event with countless bicyclists taking to the streets nationwide in an effort to get commuters to try bicycling to work as a healthy and safe alternative to driving alone. In the Metropolitan Washington region, Bike to Work Day has grown from a small group of a few hundred in 2001 to over 12,000 participants in 2012.”


From National Bike to Work Day

The above quote was borrowed from the National Bike to Work website found here. Biking to work is a healthy way to begin and end a day. We encourage all to participate and work to help everyone join a lifestyle of biking as much as we can. Most of us live within biking distance to work and adding a 250 Series electric bike kit or a 500 Series e-bike kit to a bicycle makes the possibility of improving our health even closer within reach. Join the movement and get back on your bike (if you’re not already on it)!

The League of American Bicyclists began national Bike to Work Day in 1956 and it has since grown into a large community of cyclists that commit each year to biking to work for the week. For many of us this event has turned into a lifestyle as we came to realize the frugality and utilitarian lifestyle of biking to work is much more than we ever could have imagined. Join us and let us know how we can help you begin biking and test the waters in May!


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