Video | Great Bicycle Cartoon Thesis! What’s that you say?

bicycle cartoon thesis

Although we have never worked on a Bicycle Cartoon Master Thesis, we have conquered these mountains and gone the distance captured in this video, so we can certainly appreciate this masterpiece worthy of our admiration. Drew Linne completed the film below for his degree at the Kansas City Art Institute. Taken from Linne’s description the caption reads:

Based on a true story, a father and son set a goal to complete a 100 mile bike ride (a century ride) together. Months of rigorous training lead up to the final ride in Lake Tahoe. As the ride progresses, the viewer is immersed in the beautiful scenery of the lake, and we see how the father and son are brought closer together by the shared experience.

The experiences one obtains from riding a bicycle are countless and immeasurable. Reaching a summit, capturing a serene landscape, feeling the wind in your face, and riding a challenging distance are just a few of the experiences that make bicycle riding such an enjoyable part of our lives, whether it be with an electric bike kit or on an electric bicycle. Well done capturing these experiences in a film, Drew.

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