Video | 250 Series (250 Watt) E-Bike Kit Installation Instructions

electric bike kit installation clip

Installing the Leeds 250 Series is easy. After you have measured the front forks and they are approximately 3.9″ you are ready to install the kit. Please follow the step by step guide and e-bike kit installation video below:

  1. Remove your old wheel.
  2. Place the ‘torque nuts’ on the 250 Series axle snug against the hub on both sides of the wheel.
  3. Please the small washer first and the larger washer second flush against the outside of the fork on both side of the wheel.
  4. Tighten the axle nuts with a 3/8″ wrench.
  5. Plug the motor cable into the e-bike motor and tighten the waterproof cap.
  6. Run the cable along the bicycle frame, secure with zip ties or velcro strap, and cut the remaining zip tie ends with scissors.
  7. Place the pressure switch throttle on the handlebars where your first knuckle on your index finger grips the handlebars.
  8. Secure the remaining battery cable around the frame, in the frame bag, or rear carrier bag.
  9. Plug the battery into the battery cable and turn the li-ion battery on.
  10. You are now ready to ride! If you have any issues during install or for advanced e-bike kit installs see “troubleshooting” on the electric bike blog for additional support.
250 Series Washers and Nut

Torque, Small & Large Washers, Nut


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