Video | Safe Bicycle Commuting: 17 Falsehoods, Realities, and Rules for the Road

bicycle street signs

The following videos are from our friend Dennis Cheong who runs a Facebook Page for bicycle commuters in Singapore. The below are unfortunate falsehoods, realities, and rules we have put together to help you stay safe on the road on your electric bike or bike with an e-bike kit:

1. Taxi drivers own the road.

2. Cyclists are particularly invisible at dusk.

3. Even if seen, don’t assume drivers will give you the right of way.

4. Buses…

5. Drivers are patient, but it is the exception not the rule.

6. Remember the playground bully from childhood? He or she now drives a car… and is still a bully.

7. Drivers often use poor judgement when driving near a cyclist.

8. Don’t trust driver’s signals…

…and don’t trust non signals.

9. Side by side bike to car cycling never goes well when the vehicle turns.

10. Oncoming traffic does not look for cyclists.

11. If you get honked at, you probably had the right of way.

12. Most drivers do not know you have the right to the entire lane.

13. Drivers are too busy to wait for you.

14. Just because you have a rear light doesn’t mean you won’t forget to turn it on.

15. Get ready to be overtaken, especially in traffic.

16. Even though some drivers inconvenience cyclists, remember, it is not always intentional.

17. There are many considerate drivers looking out for cyclists on the road. Are you one of them?


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