Throttle and Computer Cable Extension | 500 Series



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E-Bike Throttle Cable Extension

Having the right throttle on your electric bike can impact your entire riding experience. Attached to your bike’s handlebars, throttle controls are typically broken down into three types: thumb, full twist, and half twist. What you use depends on your experience with 500-watt electric bikes and how much control you want over your speed. No matter what kind you use, however, you can benefit from this e-bike computer and throttle cable extension, as well as a variety of other 500 Series e-bike parts from Leeds Bikes.

Increase Your Bike’s Comfort

Because the throttle control is on the bike’s handlebars, it can limit where on your bike you can install the throttle computer. But with an e-bike computer and throttle cable extension, you’ll have many more options. This cable allows you to find the optimal position for the throttle computer and have the most comfortable ride possible. You’ll also be able to ride with confidence knowing that your cable won’t be damaged, causing your throttle computer to shut off during a ride. This not only makes riding more comfortable but a lot safer too.

Create a Custom E-Bike Look

Your e-bike is a reflection of your riding personality. No matter which throttle system you prefer, our e-bike computer and throttle cable extension can improve your ride. Customize it with different computer placements and e-bike accessories from Leeds Bikes, and find a unique style of your own today.

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