Rear 8FUN Planetary Motor 500 Watts | 500 Series



Rear 8FUN Planetary Motor 500 Watts | 500 Series

The rear 8FUN planetary motor 500 Watts is a geared hub motor that is widely used in commercially available electric bikes. It’s a modern and high-tech piece of e-bike technology for the E-bike 500 Series. If you’re looking for an electric bike rear motor that’s reliable, quiet and pumps out more power when needed most, the rear 8FUN planetary motor is the perfect fit for your e-bike.

The Best Rear Hub Motor

The motor consists of planetary gear reduction that ensures the motor spins at an optimal RPM. That leads to a more efficient motor and more torque that ensures improved performance and ride quality. The geared hub motor is small and lightweight but produces more power than a direct drive hub motor. The highly efficient brushless motor comes with a few benefits:

  • Easily fits on the rear hub
  • At 8 pounds, the motor is generally lightweight
  • Small and stealthy looking
  • Freewheeling just like a regular bike
  • 500 watts – More range
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Super reliable – Extensively tested and mass produced

Shop with Leeds

Whether you’re simply exercising, climbing a hill or speeding through the flats, the rear 8FUN planetary electric bike rear motor gives you plenty of power for high performance and speed. Get the 8FUN planetary motor with your 500 Series kit from Leeds Electric Bikes today.

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Weight 9 lbs