Variable Thumb Throttle | 500 Series


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With an e-bike throttle, you can control the speed of your bike and adjust it to all kinds of terrain and conditions. Depending on your riding style and e-bike type, there are different kinds of throttles you can try. One of the most popular options is the variable thumb throttle that you’ll find at Leeds Electric Bike

Easy to Install and Use

If you want to get an e-bike throttle that won’t be obtrusive, the thumb throttle is the best choice. You can easily install it on the right handlebar of your e-bike, and it won’t interfere with brake levers or twist shifters. You’ll also notice how it takes up very little room, giving you great activation control while still allowing for a natural grip.

Create a Custom Bike with Safety in Mind

If you are looking for greater control with a custom look for your 500 Series electric bike from Leeds Electric Bike the variable thumb e-bike throttle is the perfect accessory. Not only is it a convenient aftermarket piece, it is safer than other throttle types. You don’t have to worry about accidentally engaging this throttle. Instead you’ll enjoy a smooth ride and take your e-bike on all kinds of road conditions with the right amount of speed control. For more ways to customize your ebike, check out our accessories page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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