Spokes & Nipples for 8FUN 250 Watt Motor | 250 Series



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Give Your Wheel Reliable Spokes

Having reliable wheels is important when hitting the trails with your bike. Weak spokes and nipples can fail and cause serious trouble. To convert your bike to an electric model you need extra stability for your spokes; and we have the perfect solution: high-quality spokes and nipples for your e-bike conversion.

Meant for our 250 Series kit, this bundle comes with 40 stainless steel spokes and nipples for e-bike conversions. Each spoke is pre-cemented for easy installation and custom cut to fit any wheel size that utilizes our electric motor for the 250 Series. The motor requires 36 spokes, but we’ve provided you with four spares, just in case you need some extra.

Rugged Spokes for Rugged Rides

Taking your electric bike out for a ride usually means hitting a variety of terrains, including some challenging conditions. These spokes are tough enough to handle whatever type of trail you prefer. Not only that, but they are strong enough to withstand the extra torque from the 8FUN 250 watt electric motor.

While these spokes are thicker and stronger than the typical bike spoke, they are surprisingly lightweight. With a 13G rating, they give you a great balance that won’t weigh you down. So when you need sturdy e-bike spokes and nipples but don’t want to sacrifice on performance, these will give you a great compromise.

Keep your 250 series e-bike conversion safe and reliable with parts and accessories from Leeds Electric Bike—we’ve got everything you need! Shop with us today, and be sure to contact us with any questions.

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