Leeds Front Wheel 10.4 Ah E-Bike Kit, 24 Volts, 250 Watts, 20+ Miles

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250 Electric Bike Conversion Kit with a Battery

This 10.4 AH assembly is our most popular bike conversion kit, and for a good reason. In as little as five minutes, it transforms your regular bicycle into a motorized e-bike capable of reaching up to 20 miles per hour without pedal assistance. This electric bike conversion kit with a battery is compatible with all bike and trike styles, and it’s easy to install with no alterations to your bike.

A Premium Samsung E-Bike Kit

This kit is equipped with a powerful 250 Watt BAFANG 8FUN Geared Motor Hub. The motor connects to a lightweight 10.4 Ah 24 Volt Samsung Li-ion e-Bike Battery Pack that’s good for 1,500 charges. Whenever you park your bike, just remove the battery and connect it to the provided charger, so you’re always ready for your next ride.

With this 250 Series electric bike conversion kit with a battery, you can:

  • Pedal easier.
  • Cover more distance.
  • Travel faster with less effort.
  • Reduce the wear-and-tear on your bike.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat.

And, thanks to the discreet design, nobody will even know you’re riding an e-bike.

Order Your Samsung E-Bike Kit

There are a lot of electric bike kits for sale, but our 250 Series is a game-changer. These kits are powerful, made from brand-name parts, and hand-assembled in the USA. Each one includes a free 2-year warranty and can save you between 200 and 600 percent on the cost of a new e-bike—all while giving you the same power and freedom.

Free nationwide shipping is available, and our friendly team is always available to answer any questions you have. Contact us today. Order your electric bike conversion kit with a battery, and discover what it’s like to ride with total freedom.

leed 30k electric bike kit specifications

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