e-Bike Accessories: The Most Popular Upgrades

LEED Extras

e-Bike Accessories: Are You Looking to Upgrade your e-Bike?

For those who want to enhance their riding experience, we offer e-bike accessories that you can use as upgrades for your daily or weekend ride.

LEED Extras

The Specialized Speedzone port adds a trip computer designed for bikes. As one of the most popular—and usually the first—add-on bought by riders looking for electric bike accessories, this device is compatible with our 250 Series kits, easily hooks up to the system, and offers a simple, intuitive interface. It works as both a speedometer and trip computer, with a large display that can show current speed reading, as well as maximum speed and average speed.

Our 250 Series kits all come with a basic weatherproof battery bag that attaches to the top tube of the frame, but for those who need extra storage space for a compact air pump, charger, or other riding necessities, we also offer rear carrier bags and frame bags. These popular e-bike accessories are designed with quality durable materials, as well as weatherproofing.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our e-bike accessories or to read about compatibility information.