The Best E-Bike Accessories: The Most Popular Upgrades

a bike upgraded with the best e-bike accessories

Are you looking to personalize your e-bike? For those who want to enhance their riding experience, we offer the best e-bike accessories that you can use as upgrades for your daily or weekend ride.

Whether you’re an avid biker or a casual rider, the journey is always more enjoyable with the proper cyclist equipment extras. Here are our top four recommendations:

E-Bike Upgrades 

  1. Bike Computer
  2. The KT-LCD5 Computer allows you to monitor your speed, mileage traveled, trip time, and more. As one of the most popular—and usually the first—add-on bought by riders looking for the best e-bike accessories, this device is compatible with our 500 Series kits, easily hooks up to the system, and offers a simple, intuitive interface. 
  3. Extra Battery
  4. Never get caught off guard on your longer rides when you carry at least one extra electric bicycle battery. We offer options that are compatible with both our 500 and 250 Series kits. Go farther on a single charge, and get peace of mind for your next journey. 
  5. Battery Bag
  6. Protect your investment with a practical e-bike upgrade, a weather-resistant battery bag that attaches to the top tube of your bike frame. Typically, nylon options are waterproof and practically weightless, so your battery will stay dry and last longer. Our bags are compatible with our 250 Series kits.
  7. Tail Light
  8. Some of the best e-bike accessories are intended to keep you safe during your ride. If you plan to travel at night or early in the morning, for example, a tail light that attaches to your seat post is a simple solution. Our MSW TLT-200 Tail Light offers seven lumens of red light output, which means drivers and other riders will be able to see you at a distance. Of course, we also recommend a quality headlight so people can see you coming.

Order Your E-Bike Upgrades From Leeds

At Leeds, we offer high-quality bike components that will help you get more out of your eco-bike. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our best e-bike accessories or to read about compatibility information. Order today, and get free US shipping.

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