What You Need in Your First eBike Kit to Go Electric

electric bike commuting

If you’ve been looking into converting your traditional bike into an electric bike for your daily commute, getting an eBike kit is highly recommended. Whether you’re a newbie planning on your first conversion, or an enthusiast who wants to set up another family member with an electric bike, our kits are a practical purchase that ensures you have everything you need.

All the e-bike kits we offer at Leeds contain all the essential components you need to convert a traditional bike into an electric bike, with kit options that bundle quality parts from the best and most reliable brands in the business. All the components are also guaranteed to be compatible with each other, removing the issue of malfunctions caused by incompatible parts. With an e-bike kit, not only do you save time getting all the necessary components in one purchase, you save money as well.

Our electric bicycle kits all come with a similar set of essential parts, with prices dictated by the bundled battery. Choosing a battery pack mostly depends on how far you want to go on electric power, and how long you want your powered ride to last. Battery pack options range from a small 5.2 Ah battery that’s rated to last 10 miles (16 kilometers), to an ULTRA+ 25.6 Ah battery pack that’s rated to go up to 50 miles (80 kilometers).

The basic set of parts that come with each eBike kit includes a 250 Watt 250 Series 8Fun Planetary Motor Hub and complete wheelset, a lithium battery charger, a throttle, a weatherproof battery bag that secures the battery pack on the bike frame, the cable system that connects your throttle, battery, and motor, and cabling zip ties to secure them.

Because different riders and bikes may have different part requirements, we also offer a number of electric bicycle kit options you can select at the time of purchase. To expedite your order and ensure that all the parts arrive on time, please specify your brake type, wheel size and type (rear or front wheel), and rim color when you order your eBike kit.

Buying an e-bike kit makes for an easy and practical first-time conversion process that lets you enjoy your eBike as soon as it’s set up. For those looking to upgrade, Leeds also offers a number of extra parts and accessories including battery systems you can use as a replacement or backup.

For any questions about our eBike kit components or conversion process, check out our FAQ page or call us at (866) 933-8716.


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