E-Bike Kit Customization Options to Fit Any Bike

Electric Bike Kits for Bicycles and Tricycles

Leeds offers a range of eBike kit packages that any rider can use to convert their standard bikes into an electric one. But because we understand that bike riders, their bikes, and their needs aren’t the same, we’ve made sure to provide a number of customization options for our e-bike kits to fit different requirements, configurations, and style choices.

Here are the ways you can customize your converted bike:

Rear wheel drive: While we usually package our electric bicycle kits with the 250 Watt 8Fun Planetary Motor installed on a standard front wheel configuration—which we recommend for an easy conversion and hassle-free compatibility for geared bikes—there may be users who prefer an eBike kit with a rear wheel drive for more traction at low speeds.

Wheel size and rim color: Our standard electric bicycle kits can be used with a wide range of standard bicycle wheel sizes, from 16 inches to larger 700c or 29er wheels mostly used on mountain bikes. We also offer two rim colors, standard silver and jet black, to fit the most common bike styles. Please define your wheel size and the color you prefer when you order your eBike kit to make sure that our staff can lace and true the right wheel for your ride.

Extra tube and tire: Our kits come with a wheel you can select to fit your bike, but the tire isn’t included. You may use an existing one or choose to buy a specific tire to fit your needs. You can also specify if you want the powered wheel that comes with your kit to come with a new tire and tube for an extra $32.

Extra Battery Bag: Our electric bike kit packages already include a standard battery bag, which is weatherproof, and a more rugged bag designed to perfectly fit and secure your kit’s battery system to the bike frame. We also offer an upgraded package that adds a rear carrier bag to the kit that allows you to carry extra stuff—like an extra li-ion bicycle battery pack for extending your ride. The extra carrier bag is also built using the same sturdy, weatherproof material as the standard battery bag, and likewise comes with the requisite straps for securing it to your bike frame.

Trip computer: The Specialized SpeedZone Sport trip computer is a popular add-on. Featuring a compact form factor and a large LCD screen with an easily readable interface, the trip computer displays relevant information for riders such as time, speed, and distance traveled.

Visit our Extras pages to see other add-on options.


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