Electric Bike Commuting Benefits: What the ‘Purist’ Cycling Community is Missing

purist cyclists believe in tradition not electric bike benefits

More people than ever are utilizing bicycles to get around. Major cities throughout the U.S., including Seattle and New Orleans, are adding bike lanes to accommodate the growing number of cyclists. Yet, of the reported 103 million Americans who ride their bikes regularly, few understand the advantages of electric bike commuting. Electric bike benefits are myriad and have only recently begun to attract the attention of American commuters.

For some people, commuting to work via bicycle saves time and money. Still others ride bikes to improve their overall health. And a large segment of the cycling community loves how riding a bike instead of driving a gas-guzzling vehicle reduces their carbon footprint. Fortunately, electric bikes, which are vamped-up bicycles with an electric motor, come with the same perks.

commute to work with an electric bicycle

The Versatility of E-Bikes

The truth about electric bike commuting is much more complex than cycling “purists” tend to believe, and those who ride traditional bicycles due to their environmental or fitness benefits may be missing out. Studies have shown that electric bike riders get approximately the same level of exercise as those who ride traditional bicycles.

There are many other electric bike benefits, many of which may surprise the “purists” of the cycling community. First, electric bikes provide exceptional versatility, meaning that riders can manually pedal their bike on straight, flat roads. In hilly areas or difficult terrain, e-bike riders can let their motor do the work or simply assist.

When commuting to the office, a meeting or a similar professional setting, the ability to switch from motorized to manual power pushes e-bikes ahead of traditional bicycles. Riders can avoid excessive exertion, keeping work clothes sweat-free, and arrive to their destination in a more efficient manner.

purists definition in cycling community

Cost-Effective Electric Bike Options

Electric bike manufacturers, such as Trek and Specialized, offer a variety of electric bikes at varying price points. However, with average starting prices in the thousands, many riders find the cost of electric bikes to be prohibitive. Thanks to modern technology and innovative manufacturing techniques, riders today have plenty of options when it comes to e-bikes.

Electric bike commuting should be an option for everyone, which is why electric bike kits are growing in popularity. These kits convert any existing bike into an electric model, and the instructions are easy to follow. A basic bike can be fully converted into an electric bike in as little as five minutes.


E-Bikes Are a Safe and Efficient Commuting Alternative

The electric bike may be a great choice for those who would like to improve their health but perhaps aren’t ready for a traditional cycling workout. Additionally, in the U.S., most e-bikes are limited to 20 miles per hour, keeping riders safe.

Those who are concerned about their environmental impact, yet have a long commute, often find that electric bikes provide an ideal middle ground. Today’s electric bicycles are streamlined and efficient, and it’s time for the purist cycling community to accept that electric bikes are at the forefront of modern, eco-friendly commuting.


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