500 Series (500 Watt) E-Bike Kit Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) Installation Instructions

pedal assist kit diagram

The Leeds 500 Series (500 Watt) Electric Bike Kit comes standard with all the e-bike parts you need to convert your bike, including a pedal assist sensor (PAS). The installation of the new PD-DH2 pedelec sensor kit is straight-forward and allows the rider to activate the electric drive system by pedaling. The patented dual semi-circular pedal assist kit is as simple to install as it is efficient.

E-Bike PAS Kit Installation Instructions and Parts


a PS-DH-SSP pedal assist sensor


2. PD-DH2

pedal assist disc part


3. LEFT SIDE TYPE 1 bottom bracket install. The pedal assist kit is installed on the LEFT SIDE of these two brackets:

left-side brackets for the PD-DH2


4. LEFT SIDE TYPE 2 bottom bracket install. The PAS (PD-DH2) kit is installed on the LEFT SIDE of these two brackets:

brackets for the PD-DH2


5. Install the PAS (PD-DH2) disc and fasten the metal ring to secure the pedal assist kit.

an diagram of the PAS disc install


6. Adjust the distance appropriately between both the PAS and the disc magnets.

7. The bottom portion of the PAS sensor should parallel the circular hole of the PAS disc.

8. Connect the PAS cable to the controller cable. An extension cable is available for purchase here.

9. Secure the PAS sensor to the frame with zip ties.

a diagram showing how to mount the PAS sensor to the bike frame

Single-Circle E-Bike PAS Upgrade

If you have the previous single-circle PAS model, click here to upgrade your pedal assist kit to the PD-DH2. The new PD-DH2 pedelec sensor kit now comes standard with all 500 Series (500W) motorized bike kits.

Electric Bike Kit Installation Support

If you have any questions about your PD-DH2 PAS kit, please contact us by email at support@ebikemybike.com 24/7, or call us M-F between 9am and 5pm MDT at (866) 933-8716.

For complete installation instructions of the 500 Series motor bike kit, please visit the 500 Watt Electric Bike Kit Installation Instructions article.

a green electric bike with a PD-DH2 Pas kit

The 500 Watt Leeds Electric Bike Conversion Kit on a Haul-a-Day Bicycle.


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