Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) to Controller Extender | 500 Series



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E-Bike Torque Sensor Extender

Pedal assist sensors are a popular way for e-bike users to get a more natural feeling while riding. PAS systems also increase exercise, as they require more pedaling effort to really crank up the motor. Although these systems are already included on many styles of e-bicycles, not every model is equipped with this type of throttle system. Adding an electric bicycle kit to your bike is easy with the right equipment from Leeds Bikes, your premier provider of e-bikes for sale, including an e-bike torque sensor extender.

Create a Custom Look

The pedal assist system for our 500w bike conversion kit can be attached on the bottom bracket or pedal crank arm of your bike. This generates power from the motor, but it is activated only when you pedal. Depending on the size or style of your bike, this isn’t always an easy installation. With the e-bike torque sensor extender cable, you have an extra 18 inches (45″ available) of play, giving you greater versatility and more options to place the controller on your bike.

Outfit Your E-Bike with a PAS Extender

The PAS extender gives you more options to customize your 500 Series electric bike from Leeds Bikes. Having the ability to create a truly custom-looking machine is important for many cyclists out there. With this pedal assist system extender, you’ll have more options without having to compromise on function or safety for your e-bike. Get your e-bike torque sensor extender today, and upgrade your ride.

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