500 Series (500 Watt) E-Bike Kit Installation Instructions

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Installing the 500 Watt Electric Bike Kit is not difficult, but it’s not as easy as the 250 Series Electric Bike Kit. Please follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to install your e-bike conversion kit. Refer to the e-bike kit installation video for visuals, and read the detailed electric bike kit installation guide (which includes images of components and troubleshooting) by downloading the Leeds 500S User Manual before installing the 500 Series E-Bike Kit.

What You’ll Need

a Phillips screwdriver, crescent wrench, and Allen wrench

Detailed E-Bike Kit Installation Instructions

Leeds 500S (500 Watt) E-Bike Kit User Manual

Leeds 500S (500 Watt) E-Bike Kit Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) Installation

How to Install E-Bike 500 Watt Conversion Kits (Simplified Instructions)

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  1. Charge the 500w e-bike battery for at least five hours prior to testing.
  1. Turn the bicycle upside down onto the bike seat and handlebars.
  1. Remove your old wheel.
    • V-Brakes – Loosen the cabling to remove the old wheel by sliding the rubber to the right, and squeezing the caliper and pulling the noodle up. The calipers should then spring open. Do not remove the disc brake screws on the motor.
    • Disc Brakes – Remove the disc rotor and install it on the 8FUN motor hub.
  1. Install the new wheel into the dropouts.
    • The torque washer placement is on the inside of the dropouts with the extruding head of the torque washer on top.
    • A washer should be located between the torque washer and the motor and a second washer between the nut and the outside of the fork dropout.
    • The cable extruding from the motor hub should be located on the right side of the bicycle. Right side being the standard riding position right-side. If it is installed facing the left side it will spin backward.

Please note: The placement of the washers and nuts is the same for the front and rear electric bike wheel. The only difference is the inclusion of the cassette on the rear wheel model.

a diagram of an electric bike conversion showing where the washers and nuts go on the tires

Please note: We used a customized reverse-directional motor in the electric bike video above, so please recognize that the motor you will receive needs to have the cable located on the right side and the disc brake rotor on the left side. Remember, cable on right and disc on left!

a diagram showing the electric bike motor cable placement

  1. Tighten the nuts onto the axle until they will not tighten any further. The threshold for using a torque arm begins between 500 and 750 Watts. We recommend the torque arm if you will be riding aggressively or if you feel the forks require the torque arm. The torque washer and/or the torque arm prevent the wheel from free spinning inside the dropouts.
  1. Flip the bicycle right-side up before continuing the e-bike kit installation.
  1. Install the battery.
    • The tube battery installs onto the supporting bracket which occupies the bottle cage position with two screws.
    • The rear battery installs onto the rear portion of the frame with the rear carrier cage secured to the frame and frame or seat post brackets.
  1. Remove the handlebar grip on the side you will install the throttle.
  1. Place the throttle in the correct position on the handlebar and replace the grip.
  1. Secure the screw on the throttle with an allen wrench.
  1. Install the LCD computer in the appropriate position with a Phillips Screwdriver by placing the supporting bracket on the handlebar. Tighten the two screws accordingly by hand. DO NOT USE A DRILL for this e-bike kit installation!
  1. Find a suitable position for the controller, which is installed with four screws on two supporting arms directly to the frame using a phillips screwdriver or it can also be placed inside a frame bag.
    • The tube battery model includes a black controller.
    • The rear carrier battery model includes a silver controller.
  1. Connect the cabling arrow-to-arrow to the front wheel.
  1. The other end of the same cabling connects to the first of three cables extruding from the controller.
  1. Connect the cable coming from the battery to the second of the three cables extruding from the controller. The 350 Watt model will have three cables coming from the battery and the 500 Watt model will have only one cable.
  1. Connect the second cable to the LCD computer and the throttle. Green to green and yellow to yellow. If you have extra cable connectors after you have completed the install, it is best to secure these to the frame or just remove them. They are used for braking systems that we do not offer and are not necessary with this 500 Watt kit.
  1. Connect the other end of the second cable to the third of the three cables extruding from the controller.
  1. For e-bike kit installation instructions related to the PAS, please visit the article 500 Series (500W) Pedal Assist Sensor Installation.
  1. Turn on the battery and the LCD computer. Test the system by lifting the wheel and engaging the throttle. Make sure the wheel spins forward.
  1. Using Cobra Cable Guides or zip-ties, secure the cabling to the frame accordingly.
  1. Follow-up the install by cleaning up braking cables, adjusting the brakes, snipping zip ties, and ensuring the cabling is properly secured.

Please note: We used a customized reverse-directional motor in the video, so please recognize that the motor you will receive needs to have the cable located on the right side and the disc brake rotor on the left side. Remember, cable on right and disc on left!

If you have any questions about your e-bike kit installation, or you need additional guidance on how to install an e-bike conversion kit, please contact the experts at (866) 933-8716.


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